Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.43.06 AMFrom Wall Street’s perspective, an interest rate hike this year from the Federal Reserve is pretty much a done deal. Many investors expect a coming hike, perhaps as early as September, USA Today reported.

The coming rate hike is getting a lot of attention, due to the fact rates now are pegged at a historic low of around 0%. Low rates have been cited as a big reason why stock and bond prices have rallied to record highs. Add in fact the last time the Fed hiked rates was in June 2006 — nine years ago — and it’s clear why investor anxiety is on the rise.

“We expect Yellen to continue setting the stage for the start of the Fed’s tightening cycle later this year,” UBS economist Drew Matus told clients in report.

Matus says the market is now pricing in “a bit more than 75% chance” of a rate hike at the Fed’s September meeting.

For now, Matus does not expect Yellen to “argue forcefully for or against” a September rate hike, noting there’s still a lot of incoming economic data set for release in coming months.

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