U.S. motorhome retail sales in August totaled 1,566 units, a 22.8% decline from the 2,029 units retailed in August of 2008, according to Statistical Surveys Inc.
Year-to-date retails through August reached 13,659 units vs. 22,898 units for the first eight months of ’08, an appreciable dip of 40.3%.
As significant as that decline may seem, Stat Surveys President Tom Walworth tends to see the cup half full for the motorhome market.
“This is the best monthly number that the industry has seen in 2009 based on the two-year percent-of-change,” reports Walworth.
Retail Class A motorhome sales were off 22.4 % for the month, while Class C motorhomes were down 23.4%.
Walworth noted that half of the top 10 motorhome manufacturers gained market share in August year-to-date numbers. “These manufacturers were taking advantage of the low dealer inventory by replenishing the void in inventory which helped meet the retail demand,” said Walworth, whose firm is based in Grand Rapids, Mich.