A story that received national attention this week and placed the spotlight on a snowbound motorhome that sheltered a family for 17 days in Oregon took a bizarre twist today (March 24).
The Associated Press reported that Arizona authorities have issued a warrant on drug-related and weapons charges for a couple who were among the rescued family of six.
Warrants were issued for Elbert Higginbotham — a self-described survivalist — and his wife on Wednesday, a day after the six were rescued in a mountainous region in Southern Oregon, according to records in Snowflake Justice Court in Snowflake, Ariz.
Elbert Higginbotham is wanted on charges of possession of dangerous drugs for sale, misconduct involving weapons and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the court records. All are felonies. His wife, Becky, is wanted on charges of possession of dangerous drugs for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the records.
The Ashland Daily Tidings said the warrant was issued after Arizona authorities saw TV coverage of the Higginbothams and the four others — Becky Higginbotham’s son, his wife and their two children.
The six set out in Higginbotham’s motorhome from Ashland on March 4 and were missing until they were found stranded on a back road in the Coast Range on Tuesday.
The Higginbothams are from Arizona. The four others live in Ashland.
“There is an active warrant for Mr. Higginbotham and his wife,” Deputy Commander Kelly Clark, of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Department, told the Daily Tidings.
Clark said Higginbotham and his wife had agreed to cooperate with law enforcement officers after their arrest, so the couple was not charged at the time.
Police in Ashland said they have not been contacted by Arizona authorities about the warrant.
Relatives on both sides of the family said they hadn’t heard from the Higginbothams since Thursday.