The Washington state Senate voted today (April 1) 47-2 to agree with changes made by the House of Representatives to Sen. Kirk Pearson’s state-parks partnership bill. As reported by the Lake Stevens Journal, Senate Bill 6034, which passed with broad bipartisan support in the House and Senate, now heads to the governor.

The bill lifts the ban on advertising in state parks and authorizes the state to seek assistance from, and enter into agreements with, private organizations and public agencies interested in conservation and environmental maintenance of the park system. The bill gives the State Parks and Recreation Commission the flexibility it needs to better partner with those communities while providing a new source of much-needed additional revenue.

“Our park system is one of the greatest treasures we have as a state,” said Pearson, R-Monroe, who serves as chairman of the Senate Natural Resources and Parks Committee. “It is important that we protect the beauty and recreational benefits of our parks while making sure they have access to the resources they need to remain functioning and well-maintained. The goal of this bill is to give our state parks yet another tool they can use to bring in additional revenue and meet their core mission.”

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