Owners of newer model year motorhomes would, on average, need to pay an additional tax of around $1,000 a year if Washington state officials approve of an excise tax proposal currently before that state’s Legislature, according to the Tacoma Tribune.
The proposed 0.8% excise tax would be levied against the retail price of an RV, which means it would have the biggest impact on the owners of Class A motorhomes, which average $130,000 on the new-unit market.
The owner of a Class A valued at $130,000 would need to pay $1,040 if the tax is approved.
RV owners would have to pay the 0.8% excise tax every year, although the amount would decrease as their RVs gets older and depreciate in value.
Not surprisingly, Washington state RV owners feel the tax proposal stigmatizes them as being tax cheats who are “rolling in cash”, the Tribune reports.
The RV excise tax was proposed as a way to raise funds for Washington’s cash-strapped state parks and, to some extent, has pitted RVers against certain environmentalists and conservationists who are more supportive of no-frills types of camping, the newspaper reported.
Meanwhile, Washington state RVers believe the supporters of the tax are trying to deny them access to the RV lifestyle by making RV ownership too expensive. Washington eliminated its state excise tax on motorhomes in 1999, and supporters of the new excise tax proposal believe that was a major contributor to the state’s current financial problems.