Majority Democrats in Olympia, Wash., are moving ahead with a plan to raise taxes to rebalance the state budget, according to KUOW-FM, Seattle.

Wednesday (Feb. 3) they introduced legislation to suspend a voter–approved initiative that requires a two–thirds vote to raise taxes. They also proposed a $360 million initial tax package.

It’s a one–two punch on taxes. First Democrats plan to suspend for one year the supermajority requirement for tax votes. After that bill passes and the governor signs it, House Democrats plan to vote on an omnibus tax bill. Sponsor Rep. Ross Hunter argues it make technical fixes and modernizes Washington tax code on a variety of fronts. That includes going after Washingtonians who register boats and RVs out of state or even offshore.

Hunter said, “You create a shell corporation, an LLC in Oregon. And you have the shell corporation own your motorhome. And you register it at the location of the owner which is the shell corporation in Oregon and then you bring it home and park it in your driveway.”

Under Hunter’s bill, that would no longer be technically legal. Democrats will likely roll out a second and more robust tax bill later in the session. Republicans respond that they are “incredulous.” Democrats are planning to raise taxes in the current economy.