Waterfield Bank, a Waterfield Group company, today (Oct. 13) announced it has launched the Good Sam Club Banking Center to offer premier on-the-road banking solutions for RV owners and families.

As service provider for the Good Sam Club Banking Center, a press release states, Waterfield will provide customers with safe and secure financial services and access to up to $1 million in FDIC insurance through a single account – far beyond the industry standard.

“The Good Sam Banking Center delivers first-rate, user-friendly financial
products and services that are firmly rooted in fail-safe FDIC insurance
coverage and nearly a century of banking experience,” said J. Randall
Waterfield, co-CEO of Waterfield Group. “Over the years, the Good Sam Club has
worked very hard to make sure RV enthusiasts have the best protection on every
trip, and now members will have protection of their financial assets through
this new banking center created specifically for them.”

The Good Sam Club was founded in 1966 and is widely recognized as an essential
part of owning an RV, according to the release. By delivering value to members through information, support and benefits, the organization helps members save money, come together to share experiences and more thoroughly enjoy RVing.

With diversified holdings and a legacy of trust in the industry, Waterfield has
successfully established custom-branded banking centers for a variety of organizations including AARP, The Air Force Association, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the International Association of Fire Fighters, the National Rifle Association and others.

Partnered with well-known organizations across the United States, Waterfield currently has an estimated aggregate distribution of more than 90 million members.

All Good Sam Club Banking Center customers will benefit from 24-hour-a-day,
7-day-a-week customer service support. They also will have access to the
center`s convenient funds transfer service, which provides the flexibility of
transferring money seamlessly between multiple personal and business accounts, including non-Banking Center accounts.

The Good Sam Club is an affilitate of Affinity Group Inc., publisher of RVBusiness and RVBUSINESS.COM.

For more information, visit http://goodsambankingcenter.com.