Editor’s Note: The following is a statement from Way Interglobal Network submitted this morning (July 29) to RVBUSINESS.COM concerning a lawsuit filed July 25 by Furrion and posted on industry trade websites concerning intellectual property on its 2-1 stove tops.

Nearly three years ago, we began to research and evaluate the 2-in-1 stove top product category thoroughly, starting with understanding the strengths and weaknesses of all RV stove top products from a variety of manufacturers including Furrion, Suburban and Dometic. Our goal is always to advance, out-innovate and differentiate our offerings from the current class of products to include many retail advanced features our end-users have grown accustomed to in their own kitchens.

We initially launched our product approximately 15 months ago and immediately began to receive new model/design wins. Approximately 10 months ago, Furrion expressed some initial concerns. We fully cooperated to understand and address any concerns that they had, however they did not respond to our inquiries via certified mail, email and phone calls. Nor did they identify any specific breaches at that time, specifically relating to closing mechanism, back lit panels, griddle configuration, safety color-coded knobs, larger interior space and digital oven/display timer, which are all differentiated and innovative features.

Furthermore, it is worth noting, that despite there being many other 2-in-1 stove top products on the market available for many years from Suburban, Magic Chef and Dometic companies that are much more similar to theirs, none of those companies nor products are named in their claim. Now, suddenly, after their partnership with LCI has been recently ceasing, and after several recent substantial product design/model wins, they notify us of this claim via a press release. They did not contact us directly to express any concerns or issues they might have. Unfortunately, it would seem that they are simply desperately attempting to create confusion in the market. Wayne Kaylor, CEO of Way, recently was quoted as saying, “While we always remain open to constructively discussing any concerns or issues they have, we will defend this desperate and meritless claim vigorously.”