RVTraderOnline.com, an online classified ad service for the sale of recreational vehicles, reported that travel trailers were the most requested search type in April by visitors to the website.
According to a press release, 25% of the total class searches conducted during the month were for travel trailers, followed by 24% for Class A motorhomes. RVTraderOnline.com, a division of Trader Publishing Co., said April was the first month that travel trailers edged out motorhomes as the most popular search type. Class C motorhomes ranked third at 13%.
“This doesn‚t come as a complete surprise,” said Scott Vollmer, business development manager. “Certainly sales have been trending this way for some time now. We are only a bit surprised to see the Class A finally replaced at the top of our charts. This is certainly a trend we will continue to monitor carefully throughout 2006.”
RVTraderOnline.com services both dealers and independent owners and receives over 800,000 visitors a month.