RV dealership owners interested in learning more about how to increase visibility, branding and lead generation may register now for RV Camping Connect’s free webinar, “3 Keys To Successful Online Advertising For Local RV Dealerships.”

According to a press release, the webinar will run Wednesday (Feb. 5) from noon to 1 p.m. EDT. To register click here.

Participants will learn about effective online advertising that will attract the best, local prospects and customers and how to leverage it on a minimum budget. They will also learn how to quickly leverage advertising on major national and local sites to expand their reach, strengthen their brand reputation and generate new business activity

“When potential RVers are surfing the Internet, it is best to have your RV dealership in front of them as much as possible. We can help you do that in the most cost-effective way possible,” said Brenda Wilson, CEO of RV Camping Connect.

In addition to the three key strategies, dealers will:

• Discover the huge benefits of online advertising.

• Hit the ground running with actionable tips, sure-fire strategies and insider secrets.