A free webinar will bring dealers up to speed on HR rules and regulations relating to automotive and RV work bays. The webinar, provided to dealers by the Mike Molino RV Learning Center through a partnership with KPA, is slated for noon EDT on April 17.

RV dealers’ participation in the free, live event helps support the Learning Center’s development of new programs. Register with the Learning Center’s registration link on the KPA website.

In this webinar, KPA’s Senior HR advocates Angie Williams and Kim Kavanagh will discuss what is appropriate and legal for individual RV and automotive work bays, and how to bring them into compliance to create a positive and productive atmosphere at your dealership.

If unable to attend, register by clicking here to receive links to the materials for later viewing. Dealers interested in prior webinar topics will find them on the RV Learning Center’s webinar page.

If you have any questions or feedback, contact Becky Ross at [email protected],  (866) 356-1735 or Karin Van Duyse at the RV Learning Center at [email protected],  (703) 591-7130.