Enthusiastic vendors excel in persuading dealers that their new chemical products are the very latest and greatest. But do their benefits outweigh their costs? Dealers can learn how to strip away the hype and equip themselves to evaluate serious safety concerns that might apply in a free hour-long webinar provided by the Mike Molino RV Learning Center on Thursday (Dec. 11) at noon ET.

According to a press release, dealer webinars are provided by RVDA’s strategic partner KPA as part of the array of educational offerings available through the RV Learning Center. Register at the KPA website.

In this free webinar,  certified hazardous materials manager Zach Pucillo of KPA will discuss how to evaluate products before bringing them into your shop, including: safety data sheets, product labels, Global Harmonization System compliance, hazards, product storage, ventilation, personal protective equipment, and disposal.

if unable to attend register to receive links to the materials for later viewing. Dealers interested in prior webinar topics will find them on the RV Learning Center’s webinar page.  If you have any questions or feedback, contact Becky Ross at [email protected](866) 356-1735 or Karin Van Duyse at the RV Learning Center at [email protected](703) 591-7130.