A website was recently launched specifically designed for RV dealers to list any aging, unwanted or unneeded inventory for sale to other dealers across North America, according to a press release.

Dealer RV Store, a licensed wholesaler and auto-broker based in Vista, Calif., allows dealers to list vehicles on the website, then markets and sells them to other RV dealers while also handling transfer of ownership and title paperwork.

The release stated that RV dealers typically have two main sources for pre-owned inventory: auctions and customer trade-ins. The Dealer RV Store gives them the ability to purchase and sell inventory in the United States and Canada 24/7 at wholesale pricing.

A network of RV dealerships across North America is currently being set up, and new dealerships as well as new inventory are being added daily.

“We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, just trying to provide dealerships with an additional outlet for buying and selling vehicles at a wholesale level at anytime and from anywhere,” said Zach Campbell, president of Dealer RV Store. “Since starting this business in July 2012, we have had a tremendous response from banks, rental companies, wholesalers and RV dealerships.”

To find out more about Dealer RV Store and to become a member of this network, go to www.drvstore.com and visit the “Become a Member” page.