RVTraderOnline.com, an online classified ad service and division of Trader Publishing Co., recently reported that Florida and California are the most requested states by visitors who search the website’s campground database.
According to a press release, campground searches performed on RVTraderOnline.com in the past 6 months showed 12% of campground seekers are interested in parking their RVs in Florida. California was second with with 10% planning camping trips in the state.
Trailing far behind the two front-runners were Texas with 5%, followed consecutively by North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee and scaling down to New York, which garnered 3% of the total campground searches.
“Florida and California have always been the most popular states where buyers go to look for RVs on our website,” says Scott Vollmer, business development manager for RVTraderOnline.com. “As a matter of fact we’ve measured that 40% of our visitors are from the Pacific and Southeast regions of the country, so it makes sense that those states are most requested by campground seekers.”
Headquartered in Norfolk, Va., RVTraderOnline.com services both dealers and independent owners and claims to receive over 900,000 visitors per month.