This week on the RV Podcast, hosts Mike and Jennifer Wendland welcome Steven Hileman of Togo Group to talk about a rooftop solution called the Togo Roadlink that combines a Wi-Fi extender with a 4G LTE router to provide Internet connectivity strictly for RVers.

The Togo Roadlink is a connectivity solution that, under one small dome mounted on the RV roof, uses a series of high tech optimized antennas to create a secure hotspot that can connect multiple devices in and around your RV to the Internet, either by a Wi-Fi extender that brings in signals from a wide area, or taps into the AT&T nationwide 4G LTE cellular network.

The prrogras is availbale for a flat fee of $360 a year. The RV Podcast can be heard through any podcast app or directly on the Wendland’s RV Lifestyle Travel Blog by clicking here.