Western Horizon Resorts is two months away from opening a 198-site membership campground at Nevada’s Pahrump Valley Winery, west of Las Vegas.
“To my knowledge, we’ve not been able to find another winery that has a private RV park attached to it,” winery General Manager Bill Loken said in an interview with the Pahrump Valley Times.
Western Horizon Resorts (WHR), a Gunnison, Colo.-based campground membership company with more than 4,600 sites in 24 resorts in nine states and Mexico, acquired the winery in early 2002 from vintner Jack Sanders. Construction on the new RV park facility and clubhouse began in November. And, so far, Western Horizon has spent more than $2 million on improvements.
Though the RV park will include a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a large barbecue area with waterfalls, WHR’s guests can also access an elegant restaurant, clubhouse and cultural events at an outdoor amphitheatre.
In his interview with the Pahrump Valley Times, however, Loken focused on his efforts to make the business a first-class, boutique winery, with production tripling from 10,000 cases to 30,000 cases per year.
“I’ve hired a consulting team from Napa Valley to analyze all our production, our winemaking, all our wines, and they are almost on a daily basis making recommendations of things we need to change,” Loken said. “We’re going to bring in some higher-end product from California. We want to turn the winery into a boutique kind of place.”
The winery will add oak barrels for aging and more vineyards near the stage where outdoor concerts are held.
Though Nevada is not typically associated with wine-making, Loken said there are advantages to pursuing the business in Pahrump Valley, including lower land costs, and that there is already very strong public interest in the property. “We’ve had so many requests for wedding receptions, business luncheons, that we’ve concluded we need to look at a banquet hall for local events,” he said.