WFCO Electronics has created a new POP02 display featuring a colorful and freestanding display perfect for an end cap, according to a press release.

According to a press release, in just a few months of sales, the POP02 Display has been implemented in over 50 dealerships. “WFCO’s POP Display has been an excellent addition to dealerships, promoting the products front and center to help increase sales and visibility,” said Bob Barber, president of DRG.

The POP02 Display has four reinforced metal shelves designed to hold 30 pounds. Additionally, it features a cross-reference guide on the header to easily identify what WFCO product replaces a customer’s current product. In addition, the POP02 displays four of WFCO’s most popular SKUs that cover 90% of the market:

  • (3) WF-9855: a 55-amp deckmount converter with 3-stage charging to handle most deckmount replacement needs.
  • (3) WF-8955-MBA: an easy-to-install main board assembly that replaces the lower section in any WF-8955 Series power center and upgrades other select converter brands.
  • (2) WF-8955-REP: a universal converter replacement kit that can upgrade certain power center brands that have removable converter sections. Technicians can easily remove the lower section and slide in the WF-8955-REP unit. This exchange upgrades the old single-stage charger into a high-performance three-stage charging powerhouse.
  • (2) WF-8955PEC: a power center that allows you to satisfy most of your power center replacement and upgrade needs. More RVs are equipped with the WF-8955 power center than any other option.

“WFCO’s POP02 display gives the dealerships the major products they need to serve the majority of the converter customers,” explains Todd Vice, aftermarket sales manager at Arterra Distribution. “They’re not only able to meet customers’ needs, but they’re also able to free up shelf space and generate more traction with an attractive display.”

If interested in WFCO’s POP02 display, contact your preferred distributor today and visit www.wfcoelectronics.com for more information.