WF-511OH inverter

WF-511OH inverter

Elkhart, Ind.-based WFCO has released an upgrade to its popular WF-511OH inverter, a 1,000-watt pure sine wave inverter that provides the electrical filtering needed for residential refrigerators in RVs.

WFCO’s new WF-511OHP, which simplifies and provides certainty in product testing on the RV production line, replaces the WF-511OH model. As with the WF-511OH, the WF-511OHP features a plug-and-play design that allows it to be simply plugged into an AC outlet to connect directly to the RV’s AC system. It will convert 12-volt DC to 110-volt AC, and has a remote control system and built-in circuit protection on the AC side.

“The 511OHP is exactly what manufacturers tell us they are seeking to power sensitive 110-volt appliances like residential refrigerators,” said Jack Cheng, WFCO CEO. “We will be developing more inverter models as such technology is becoming a more important element in the design of larger RVs. The success we’ve had with the WF-511OH confirms we’re in sync with where the industry is going.”

While propane-electric absorption refrigerators have previously dominated the industry, popular features in 110-volt refrigerators, coupled with advancements in inverter technology like the 511OHP and the availability of “shore power” at more campgrounds has increased demand for residential refrigerators in RVs. When adequate AC shore power is unavailable and when generator noise is inappropriate inverter technology is the ideal solution.

Other WF-511OHP features include an Internal Transfer Switch that allows input to bypass the inverter when the RV is connected to an AC source, either shore power or generator power. So there’s no need to install an external switch. This inverter also protects the system by automatically shutting down when batteries run low and input is below 10 volts.

The WF-5110HP also allows manufacturers the use of more cost effective 4-gauge wiring versus 2-gauge wire. With no crimping required, 4-gauge wire connections are also much easier and quicker for installers.

“We are continually working with our manufacturing partners to give them the best products and best value for their needs,” said Cheng. “So this seamless product upgrade enhances the OEM’s manufacturing process as well as its product.”

WFCO is an American-owned company that has been providing technologically advanced and innovative quality power products for more than 40 years. Its products are distributed by ARTERRA Distribution. Visit www.wfcoelectronics.com for more information.