New WFCO WebsiteElkhart, Ind.-based WFCO Electronics has launched a new, expanded website, www.wfcoelectronics.com, that increases information available about the company and its power converter products. According to a press release, the site revamp is part of a new, multipronged communications effort aimed at expanding WFCO’s long-established ability to serve the RV community.

WFCO has been an important and innovative player in the RV power converter market with four out of five new RVs using WFCO converter products.

“We have for many years been the leader in innovation and quality in this category,” said Jack Cheng, WFCO CEO. “With our new website, RV owners, dealers, and manufacturers should benefit from receiving the latest news and information WFCO has to offer. Our objective is to provide a more efficient means of communications to support all of our customers in this fast-paced industry.”

WFCO Vice President of Sales & Marketing Tom Ryan added, “Be sure to check out the ’20 WFCO Firsts’ to see some of the innovative ways we have made a difference in the RV market, as well as learn how to find immediate assistance with our new Power Pros web page. The Power Pros team has over 50 years of combined technical experience and provides live customer service help.

“The new site not only provides detailed specs into all products available, it lists up-to-date training opportunities for OEMs and dealers, as well as highlights places where WFCO will have a presence. New product launches will be announced on the site’s news page and its front-page ticker. Additionally, FAQs, product support, and contact information can easily be found for all of our customers.

WFCO is a family-owned company that has been providing technologically advanced and innovative quality power products for more than 40 years. Its products are distributed by ARTERRA Distribution.