Arterra Distribution, the RV division of the WFCO group, has introduced the WF-5110R power inverter, providing RVers an electrical system if the battery is connected improperly.

Typically, when a battery is connected and the polarity is reversed from what it should be, the electrical system becomes damaged, which is very costly. The WF-5110R has built-in reverse polarity protection. When the battery is connected incorrectly, nothing will be damaged, and the technician can simply reconnect the battery correctly.

WFCO supports RV technicians by offering workshops and training seminars with in-depth training on WFCO’s product line. The goal of the training is to help dealership’s better sell, replace and troubleshoot WFCO products, including the WF-5110R.

For more information visit www.wfcoelectronics.com/5110R