Arterra Distribution, the RV division of the WFCO Group, is updating its current comprehensive training catalog to include three of its newest product lines.

According to a press release, the training catalog is one of WFCO’s support resources that the company provides to technicians and manufacturers that work with WFCO products. It includes information on how to better and service WFCO products.

The latest version of the catalog will include the WF-9500 series, EM- 15/20 energy management switches and the WF-5110R Inverter with reverse polarity protection – an upgrade to the WF-5110HP. In addition, the catalog also has updated cross reference and torque charts, new troubleshooting charts, doors and door Assemblies and updated warranty forms.

“WFCO is committed to supporting our customers by offering educational and informational resources,” said Rich Dotson, president of Arterra Distribution. “We do this through our various training programs as well as online and printed materials, such as the training catalog. We are always available to make our customers’ lives easier,” he said.

The catalog also contains detailed product literature and information about WFCO’s one-of-a-kind technologies including: Battery Guardian, FAQs, troubleshooting guidance, electricity and converter basics. The catalog will be available in print this month.

To obtain a copies email [email protected]