After launching in Alberta last year, Wheel Estate announced the its expansion across Canada in 2018 to meet the continued demand for RV rentals.

“There are a few new players in the peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace popping up and coming to Canada this year, but we are very proud to have built our travel trailer rental community from the ground-up,” said Chad Ball in a press release. “For Canadians, by Canadians, as we like say.”

With over one million RVs privately owned in Canada, and an average rate of use at 14 days per year, Wheel Estate saw an opportunity to bring the sharing economy format to the RV industry. Not only creating safe, affordable and flexible means of travel, while supporting the local economy, this Canadian company has also created an incredible opportunity for trailer owners to earn passive income. Living up to their motto of ‘List. Rent. Relax,’ all verified trailers listed on the site are covered at no extra cost by a 1M insurance policy, and are eligible for 24-hour roadside assistance. Wheel Estate is known for its second-to-none customer service and is recognized as the Canadian market leader in the peer-to-peer RV rental space.

“Our insurance policy is the only one of its kind in the world,” states Cherie Ball. “No other sharing service has this unique insurance policy, making it quicker and easier to sign up and start making money. We’ve also partnered with Coach-Net to provide roadside assistance to all users 24 hours a day.”

Launching nationwide will open up more opportunity to those who want to make extra money with their idle assets. It also provides more access for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without the cost of ownership. What is even more meaningful are the connections and the sharing of happiness and high fives within the Wheel Estate Camp Collective. Wheel Estate has also hinted at many more exciting things to come in 2018, that will greatly benefit both trailer owners and adventurers.