When will RV company stock prices peak?
While investors may be asking themselves that question, some keep pushing certain RV stock prices higher.
For the second consecutive day today (Feb. 26), the prices of Winnebago, Thor and Coast Distribution stocks reached new 52-week highs.
Coachmen Industries Inc. stock also established a new 52-week high of $18.10 a share Monday (Feb. 25), and it closed at $17.80 today.
Winnebago stock has gained the most this week. It climbed $2.52 a share Monday and another $1.10 today to close at $46.09. In New York Stock Exchange trading earlier today, Winnebago shares traded for as much as $47.07, shattering the previous 52-week high of $45.00 set Monday.
Meanwhile, Thor gained $2.42 Monday and another 81 cents today to close at $49.43. Its new 52-week high, set today, is $49.75.
Meanwhile, aftermarket accessories distributor Coast saw its stock price languish below $1.00 a share for much of the past year, but it climbed to a new 52-week high of $1.10 on Monday and it closed at $1.45 today, which now is its 52-week high.
Early last week, when Thor shares traded for around $45, Ruthanne Williams, analyst for Red Chip Review, Portland, Ore., told Bloomberg.com that she rated Thor stock a buy. So, the question now is whether Thor stock still is a buy at around $49?
Another analyst, Ron Muhlenkamp of the Muhlenkamp Fund, Wexford, Pa., told Bloomberg.com that Winnebago was attractive when it traded last week for $40 to $41 a share. So, it can also be asked whether Winnebago remains an attractive buy at $46?
Thor stock apparently was buoyed by the strong earnings report it issued Monday for its most recent quarter, which ended Jan. 31.
And Winnebago’s current fiscal quarter will end in a few days, so it is possible some investors are bidding up its price in anticipation of good earnings news.