WiFiRanger, a provider of RV networking solutions, announced its latest offering for embedded LTE modem support within the outdoor Sky product line, including the ability for end consumers to bring their own device, or add the Sky product to their existing cellular plan.

According to a press release, the offering allows better reception for the data device by moving the modem out of the coach or RV, and in clear view of the cellular towers, improving reception and data speeds. A limited number of units are available immediately, with full production scheduled in May, 

“An issue commonly faced by those with a mobile lifestyle is that other integrated cellular solutions are often locked into a specific carrier or an overpriced plan. But we are liberating the consumer so they can choose their own carrier, device, and plan,” said Evan Sorenson, brand developer.

For the coach manufacturer market, companies may select any carrier, including AT&T, Verizon, or any of the other major carriers and WiFiRanger will include the appropriate modem and SIM desired in the industry standard Sky3 or SkyPro product line used on thousands of RVs each year.

“We are proud to be providing RV manufacturers with WiFiRanger products, the absolute best RV networking solutions, now with LTE integration at an amazing price-point, stated Rod Hire, vice president of sales, MITO Corp.

For the direct to consumer market, WiFiRanger expanded its SkyPro product line to include the YODPod.tm (Your Own Device, Pod), an IP67 rated sealed enclosure within the WiFiRanger SkyPro allowing either the WiFiRanger LTE modem, or the customer’s existing USB cellular device within. It offers the advantages of outdoor reception and antennas, and improved speeds, all without another data plan or carrier to contend with.

WiFiRanger has always supported customer USB cellular tethering, including bonding of multiple Internet sources for performance and redundancy, the release stated.   This integration improves capabilities further, by utilizing seamless fail-over and fail-back from the cellular devices to insure continuous connectivity for the RV and its owner, saving precious data automatically.