WiFiRanger announced that the supplier shipped its 40,000th unit this week. According to a press release, the company continues to grow its customer base with 30% of its WiFiRanger network systems sold directly to the aftermarket and 70% installed on units by coach and towable manufacturers.

“We’re very pleased with the relationships we’ve established with leading brands of towable and coach units in the RV industry,” said WiFiRanger CEO Kelly Hogan. “The change in demographic of the RV market buyer is demanding experience, reputation and proven results with a Wi-Fi and cellular tethering system, and WiFiRanger pioneered that technology. We continue to innovate new features for not only the end customer, but for the OEM’s, simplifying their technology adoption and usability.” 

With 40,000 units operating in the field, WiFiRanger gathers better customer feedback and suggestions, allowing them to innovate new and desired capabilities into the product, and work with major manufacturers on implementing needed shop floor tools for the implementation of technology rich towable and coach offerings.

WiFiRanger recently quadrupled its manufacturing capacity in their Meridian, Idaho, manufacturing facility, and facilitated stocks of available inventory at the company’s Elkhart, Ind.-based exclusive distributor MITO Corp.

“We’ve built up a good supply of our most popular products in Elkhart with MITO so that new OEM customers can immediately take advantage of the excellent features and reputation that including a WiFiRanger solution provides,” Hogan continued.

WiFiRanger offers a spectrum of solutions to the RV market, matching network solutions from small towable’s to Class A luxury coaches.

For more information or to place an order visit wifiranger.com.