WiFiRanger announced that the next generation Converge product line will debut at the March 12-14 RVX: The RV Experience offering improved connectivity, voice and app control, and media access simplification.

“The entire objective of the Converge product line has been to rethink standards the legacy RV industry has dealt with, and then envision what the user experience should be,” said CEO Kelly Hogan in a press release. “Converge delivers this through a rooftop system, encapsulating multiple systems and minimizing footprint while converging WiFi, LTE, Radio, HDTV, and GPS into a single beautiful enclosure. The indoor products include our Private AI Universal Assistant, and the wall InfoCenter that simplifies RV connectivity and control for the owner. All products are equally controlled by voice, or via more traditional handheld device apps.” 

The fin shaped outdoor base platform is designed to include WiFiRanger’s long-range WiFi, LTE and GPS solutions, with an optional AM/FM and high-gain, amplified omni HDTV antenna for OTA TV, as well as the new OptionDeck OnPoint antenna rotator, allowing long-range HDTV directional head end antennas to be easily pointed. 

The indoor AI Universal Assistant product houses an AI engine allowing voice control of all systems within the RV in an ergonomic ceiling mounted package including beam forming LEDs with microphones, as well as an LED ceiling light. The InfoCenter wall device replaces the legacy TV wall plate with a powerful antenna/cable switch box, including amplifier DC injection, offering dual USB charge points and a handheld device holding bail. It may also be packaged  with a touch screen-enabled WiFiRanger.

“An equally important consideration in the design of the ecosystem was to re-imagine the aesthetics of devices inside, and on the roof of the RV. It seemed to us that manufacturers and owners were limited to roof devices resembling buckets, boxes, or mushrooms, so we proved that function and beauty can co-exist in an aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing fin shape, housing communication antennas and facilitating options for the future.” Continued Hogan.

Volume orders may be placed now for the product line and will begin shipping to key OEM’s and aftermarket customers in July 2019. To place an order call 208-321-5544.