WiFiRanger announced the rollout of its Converge Teton Wi-Fi and LTE RV connectivity solution, extending long range WI-Fi acquisition, and extended range LTE to the reach of any budget.

“Working with our global suppliers to improve value, we were able to deliver our feature-packed RV connectivity solution including Extended Range LTE at a very aggressive price point, offering our capabilities to nearly every budget,” said CEO Kelly Hogan in a press release.

The Teton stand-alone Wi-Fi platform has an MSRP of $129, with a $70 add-on to include LTE in the outdoor unit. The system has a dual chain 2Ghz WiFi system, Integrated GPS, and includes the new TetherPoint cable system, allowing owners to add an indoor TetherPoint router for extending the capabilities to include future indoor LTE devices, and tethering up to three hand-held devices for data aggregation. The Converge Teton can be powered by 12VDC or AC.

“This system allows the access to our sought after features of security, simplicity, and automation known to the RV community. Even adding our Poplar TetherPoint router to the Teton system still comes in nearly $100 less than stand alone, roof-top only competitive products, and delivers more capability and upgrade potential than any other solution.” continued Hogan.

The product will be available via WiFiRanger.com website, and preorders will commence Oct. 1 with shipments beginning Oct. 15.