WiFiRanger, a supplier of integrated vehicle connectivity systems, is now delivering AT&T 4G LTE data plans for its pre-installed rooftop antenna systems on recreational vehicles as part of its “Right Fit, Right Price” program.

“We tailored our plans to the user to improve the overall LTE experience. We don’t want our customers to fall into the trap of paying for more data than they need or have to deal with the frustration of having to re-up their plan in the middle of their weekend,” stated Mark Maliwauki, president of WiFiRanger, in a press release.

WiFiRanger offers two packages that give customers more data at an economical price, including the “Weekend Adventure” and “Extended Getaway” plans.  Both packages are based on real world data usages seen by WiFiRanger’s encrypting servers over the last three years of offering LTE embedded products.

“The best part of these plans is that WiFiRanger device has features that give users the ability to set usage limits per device. And if customers do happen to need more than their purchased plan, they can easily add another 5GB for another $25 by going online or calling,” Maliwauki said.

Through AT&T, the “Weekend Getaway” plan delivers 5GB of data for $25, and the “Extended Getaway” plan delivers 22GB of data for $90. Both plans are 30-day services, do not require a contract and can be cancelled without penalty at any time. Taxes and fees may apply while plans are non-transferrable and require the purchase of WiFiRanger.

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