WiFiRanger announced the rollout of a vulnerability patch that addresses a recently discovered virus called KRACK, according to a release issued Monday (Oct. 23) by MITO Corp., manufacturers of the WiFiRanger.

“This vulnerability likely affects billions of devices worldwide that use Wi-Fi and the WPA2 encryption standard,” the release stated. “WiFiRanger is among the few leading wireless router companies that are addressing the security issue with extreme immediacy and regard for their customers’ safety.” 

WiFiRanger has released a hot fix version 7.0.7 of its Phantom Firmware that resolves the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability issue. The firmware update is being tested internally, with availability for all current product owners beginning on Oct. 26. Beta testing has been ongoing since Oct. 23.

WiFiRanger founder Kelly Hogan said, “Upon hearing of the vulnerability and its potential, we redirected all firmware engineering efforts to a resolution as soon as possible. We know that our customers want the most secure network possible, relying upon our efforts to ensure maximum security. We’re pleased that we were able to quickly protect our thousands of customers, securing their RV networks within days of the exploit discovery.”

Existing customers, the release explained, should wait until they see the “Update Firmware” link in their control panel at the upper right corner while updating on a solid connection to the Internet.