WiFiRV, a provider of WiFi Internet services in the U.S. for the outdoor recreational hospitality industry, reported continued growth for 2008 and a new budget of $1.5 million to invest in wireless services for the RV industry in 2009.
According to a release, WiFiRV said it has prioritized where to invest through affiliation with property owner, management and financial investment groups in the RV industry.
“In 2002 we started WiFiRV when we recognized a need to help travelers stay connected on the road,” stated John Borg II, CEO and founder of WiFiRV. “We created simple do-it-yourself-Wi-Fi systems, complex managed bandwidth amenities and everything in between to give owners a choice.”
Since founding WiFiRV, Borg has seen the benefits of Wi-Fi amenities in RV parks, resorts and campgrounds. Properties consistently report increased occupancies and loyalty. To date WiFiRV has invested $2.5 million in capital, labor services and equipment to bring parks online and continues to support the market.