Wilbert Plastic Services logoNorth Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue  announced Thursday (Jan. 7) that Wilbert Plastic Services, a national supplier of molded plastic parts for the automotive, industrial equipment and custom parts markets, will expand its operations in the state’s Gaston County.

The company will relocate its headquarters from Chicago to Belmont, invest $5.7 million and create 41 jobs during the next three years. The announcement was made possible in part by an $82,000 grant from the One North Carolina Fund, according to an announcement posted on the governor’s website.

“North Carolina continues to attract national companies seeking the best location to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace,” Perdue said. “Our top-notch business climate, highly skilled work force and tremendous quality of life are among the primary reasons businesses are choosing our state to relocate their headquarters and grow operations.”

Wilbert Plastic Services, part of Wilbert Inc., produces custom injection molded and thermoformed parts for heavy trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, recreational vehicles, industrial equipment and other applications. The company has operations nationwide, including a Belmont facility with 86 workers and a Harrisburg plant that employs 90 people.

The company plans to relocate its headquarters from the Chicago area to its Belmont facility, where operations include the molding and painting of plastic compounds, machining for metal molds and final product assembly. The new headquarters will be nearer to the company’s southern manufacturing operations and closer to its expanding customer base in the Southeast.

The headquarters will house executive management, finance and accounting, sales and marketing management, human resources and part of the company’s engineering staff. While salaries will vary by job function, the 41 new headquarters positions will pay an average annual wage of $94,257 not including benefits, which far exceeds the Gaston County average of $33,384.

“Wilbert Plastic Services has been a part of the Belmont community for many years and the growth of our customer base across the southern United States made North Carolina a logical choice to relocate our headquarters,” said Greg M. Botner, president and CEO of Wilbert Plastic Services. “State and local officials put together a comprehensive package that will help us recruit, train and retain qualified employees. We think the favorable cost of living and high quality of life in the region are major advantages to having our headquarters in Belmont.”

“During these tough economic times, it’s critical that we make the right investments to create jobs and grow companies in our state,” said Sen. David Hoyle. “These high-paying jobs are welcome news for Gaston County.”

For more information on Wilbert Plastic Services, go to: www.wilbertplasticservices.com.