The question of whether the expansion of a 30-acre RV and boat storage business located south of Livermore, Calif., should be allowed is being considered by Alameda (Calif.) County officials, according to the Tri-Valley Herald of Pleasanton, Calif.
The owner of the storage business, John Migliore, and several of his customers believe an expansion is needed because of demand for RV and recreational boat storage in the suburbs east of Oakland, the newspaper reported.
Several area vintners and a local managed-growth entity oppose the expansion.
Migliore’s nephew, John Migliore is not sympathetic with the wine producers’ complaints. “The price of grapes is going down the tubes right now because you guys overplanted. It’s not my fault,” he said during a public hearing last week.
The Alameda County zoning administrator eventually decided to postpone a decision until after a “community stakeholder team,” including the Migliores, vineyard owners and other interested persons, develops a landscaping and parking plan for the development.
The County Board of Zoning Adjustments is scheduled the decide the issue on Nov. 13 during its meeting in Dublin.