Winegard Co. announced the release of its TV Signal Finder, a new app that makes it simple for RVers to find their favorite TV shows and available channels.

According to a press release, the Winegard TV Signal Finder app makes it quicker and easier to relax at the RV park by finding available signals, showcasing the best antenna or satellite placement and identifying potential signal blocks that can stand in the way of TV viewing such as trees, bluffs or other RVs.

“We are proud to be the first RV antenna manufacturer to offer its own app that simplifies the over-the-air antenna or satellite setup; and, takes the guesswork out of aiming your TV antenna or satellite dish,” said Stacie Venghaus, software engineer at Winegard. “Our app uses augmented reality (AR) that engages the smartphone camera to view the surroundings of the RV, this takes the “hunt” out of locating all available TV signal sources.”

According to Keith Larson, director of RV aftermarket, approximately 90% of RVers equip their vehicle with an antenna, so this app solution “revolutionizes the convenience, accuracy and speed of finding over-the-air and broadcast stations.”

For an HDTV antenna owner, the user can choose the “Antenna Pointer” option, that first shows a map with the locations of all nearby broadcast towers, the distance between the RV and those towers, and a list of channels and stations available.

RVers can then click on the “AR” icon on the map to activate the smartphone camera, which allows the user to rotate his or her smartphone 360 degrees to find the desired tower and best angle to point the antenna.  It will also show if there are any potential objects that might block a signal, like trees, buildings or hills.

The Winegard TV Signal Finder app also includes a “Satellite Pointer” mode, which quickly locates satellite signals. This will guide RVers to the best location to park the vehicle that provides a clear opening for a roof-mounted satellite dish, or for identifying placement for portable satellites. Like the “Antenna Pointer” mode, the app will also make it easier to determine if a signal could be blocked by an obstruction.  Users first choose their provider – BellTV, DIRECTV, DISH or Shaw Direct – and then move into “AR” function to pinpoint the satellite locations.

The Winegard TV Signal Finder app requires a smartphone equipped with a camera, GPS, and compass. Download it now for free in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play store. To learn more about the TV Signal Finder app, go to http://www.winegard.com/apps.