Winegard Co. has introduced the paper-thin, translucent Rayzar HDTV broadcast antenna for the tailgating, camping and RV markets. At just 0.6 inches thick, this flat antenna can be hung on internal vehicle windows, making it ideal for tuning in local broadcast channels.

Weighing in at just over five ounces, the 12 inch by 13 inch patented Rayzar portable HDTV antenna finds and pulls in the local broadcast stations for free viewing. The unit can be rapidly set-up once the vehicle is parked and removed quickly for departure. The Rayzar requires no installation and offers a solution for RVs with little-to-no roof space available.

“The Rayzar is a great fit for the mobile lifestyle, the quick release suction cup clips make it easy to reposition the antenna at each location for maximum reception,” said Aaron Engberg, director of mobile products for Burlington, Iowa-based Winegard. “Consumers will be amazed at the almost Blu-ray quality picture and quantity of channels it pulls in for free wherever they are parked.”

Rayzar com, which retails for $44.99, also comes with 15 feet of mini coaxial cable giving the viewer flexibility in positioning the antenna where the signal is the strongest.