Winegard announced the launch of an all-in-one connectivity system allowing users to watch local programing, listen to favorite radio stations and surf the Internet simultaneously.

According to a press release, the Air360+ provides free HDTV and AM/FM radio while the Gateway system features a 4G LTE/WiFi Router. Users can receive free HDTV from up to 55 miles from local broadcasting stations. No pointing or set-up is necessary with Winegard’s integrated Omni Technology.

Winegard has developed a free app that allows users to control Gateway functions from using the GPS feature to switching back and forth from 4G to WiFi to maximize performance when the RV is “in motion” or “parked”. 

The Air360+ system is prewired to work with the Gateway.  A rooftop installation of the Gateway under the Air360+ dome is one option in addition to installing the Gateway inside the RV on the ceiling.  The ceiling installation option is simple and geared toward the avid DIYers.   

“The Gateway is the most flexible and high- performing wireless hotspot in our lineup,” said Grant Whipple, Winegard president and COO. “It’s the simplest way to create the most powerful internet connectivity in the industry, so it easily can power multiple devices at once and RVers can spend more time enjoying the The Gateway is certified by AT&T and Verizon giving customers peace of mind the product is highly reliable.”

Gateway owners can choose the out-of-the-box Winegard FreedomGO data plan, which offers U.S. and Canada plans ranging from 1 GB to 20 GB. Or, they can add the device to an existing AT&T or Verizon plan by inserting a SIM card into the device.

Both the Air 360+ and Gateway can be found at local RV dealers.