Winegard ConnectT Wi-Fi extender

Winegard ConnectT Wi-Fi extender

Burlington, Iowa-based Winegard Co. announced its new Winegard ConnecT WiFi Extender will be introduced at next week’s Elkhart County RV Open House.

According to a press release, the company’s full line of products will be displayed at the Winegard booth from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. as part of the Supplier Showcase at the Norco Industries lot located at the crossroads of County Road 6 and Northland Drive.

“We are pleased to launch our newest product for the RV market,” said Keith Larson, director of sales and marketing for Winegard Consumer Products. “Our Winegard ConnecT is Winegard’s first-of-its-kind WiFi extender.”

The Winegard ConnecT is a long-range, high-performance WiFi extender allowing users to get WiFi in remote areas. Designed for the mobile environment, the WiFi extender increases the range of existing WiFi hotspots and improves the overall customer experience by connecting from the comfort of a user’s own vehicle.

Set-up is easy with the step-by-step instructions, which can be applied to any mobile device. It provides a secure personal connection and allows users to connect to the Internet with the maximum speed available, utilizing three high-gain antennas.

“The Winegard ConnecT is the perfect solution for the OEM market and it delivers the features and ease-of-use their customers have been looking for,” said Greg Wyland, OEM sales manager. “Both the indoor unit (IDU) and outdoor unit (ODU) are designed and built by Winegard, so it is a seamless unit that is made to work together, unlike others Wi-Fi products that may piecemealed together. Our product will outperform any WIFI extender in the market today.”

Other featured show products will include at the showcase include:

• DISH Playmaker: The DISH Playmaker portable automatic satellite HDTV antenna has a small, compact design that requires minimal space. Consumers will appreciate the simple, user-friendly setup and operation. 

• Rayzar z1: The Rayzar z1 is a dual-band antenna boasting state-of-the-art technology and superiot reception. With easy rotating and no cranking up and down, it offers effortless usability and an optimal viewing experience.

• Rayzar Automatic: The Rayzar Automatic is a fully automatic HD TV antenna that quickly scans for all available local broadcast channels. The external hardware searches for live, local signals, while an LED wall plate inside the RV illuminates all locations where TV signals are available. The sleek, low-profile dome houses the technology, and protects the hardware from shock, vibration, high humidity and extreme temperatures. It is very easy to install with a simple coax hook-up.