A project to connect a Winnebago Industries Inc.’s factory to the Middlebury, Ind., water supply passed the final hurdle this week at the Middlebury town council meeting. 

The Elkhart Truth reported that the town agreed to borrow money from the Local Major Moves Construction Fund to pay for what is being called the Winnebago Water Main Loop project.

The project, which is meant to provide adequate fire protection for a $12.2 million factory expansion, is expected to cost about $344,900.

“We need to boost up the fire flow volume for their suppression systems,” Town Manager Mary Cripe said. Prior to the loop, the systems ran at about 600 to 700 gallons per minute and will increase to around 1,700 gallons per minute.

Winnebago has agreed to pay back 50% of the project cost over five years, Cripe said, and Elkhart County Redevelopment Commission has agreed to use money from the Middlebury East TIF District, owned by the county, to repay the other 50% back to the town.

“There is an interlocal agreement with the county to reimburse those funds,” she said.

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