Motorhome builder Winnebago Industries Inc. was recently recognized by Ford Motor Co. as receiving the “fully meets” classification as part of their Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) Program.
According to a press release, the QVM “fully meets” classification is the highest honor Ford awards to vehicle modifiers. Ratings are based on an assessment of a modifier’s engineering capability, design and build process controls, management commitment and quality control procedures.
Ford said the purpose of the program is to assure vehicle modifiers have the capability and processes in place to complete the vehicle in a repeatable manner that maintains the integrity of the Ford chassis system, meets federal and other standards in place at the time of the build, and provides end users with a quality built vehicle that meets their expectations.
In order to earn the “fully meets” classification, companies must satisfy all minimum requirements, as well as score a minimum of 85% on “other criteria” items. Winnebago, which earned 98.2% in the program, scoring 111 points out 113, has received Ford’s “fully meets” classification since the program’s inception in 1997.
“Winnebago Industries is proud to earn the QVM rating from Ford,” said Chuck Hughes, director of quality control for Forest City, Iowa-based Winnebago. “Our goal at Winnebago Industries is to manufacture the highest quality motorhomes on the market.
“Internally, we have strict quality measures in place to achieve this, which includes working closely with our chassis suppliers, like Ford, to maintain the integrity of the chassis while also building a superior product. We work extremely hard to achieve this rating from Ford, and will continue to strive to meet and exceed customers expectations with the quality found in our motor homes.”