Winnebago Brave Class A motorhome

Winnebago Brave Class A motorhome

Winnebago Industries Inc. announced the company had outstanding results from the recent California RV Show in Pomona, lifted by strong performance from its new Brave and Tribute retro-style Class A motorhomes.

“This show was one of the best Pomona Shows we’ve ever experienced, with excellent traffic and retail sales across our entire product line, but exceptionally great for the new Brave and Tribute retro-styled motorhomes,” said Winnebago’s Vice President of Sales and Product Management Scott Degnan, noting that Winnebago was represented by Giant RV and Mike Thompson’s RV. “Retail sales results for the show were outstanding for Winnebago and over 60% better than a year ago.”

“The new Brave was a total success at the show, with such an old-school mix with new school features,” said Giant RV Vice President Frankie Barouti. “The new retro-inspired Brave had some of the biggest retail numbers at the show and I believe we’ll see it having a big impact on the RV community in coming months. It has definitely made its impact at its first California retail show.  Giant RV is very thankful to have a great relationship with Winnebago and to be offered the opportunity to sell the new Brave product.”

New owners agree that the retro-styling and functionality of the new Brave are a real hit.  “I’ve been RVing for over 50 years, and I admit, I was surprised when I saw the retro Brave,” said new Brave owner Gerald Bonsall from Wagontown, Pa. “I’m a retro person myself, so I was pleased when I saw it.  I like the style and the convenience of the new Brave.  I remember the old Brave too.  This version has the same basic design, but it’s modernized and has up-to-date conveniences.”

In the late ’60s and ’70s, the Winnebago motorhome was recognizable by the Flying W and iconic “eyebrow,” designs that have been resurrected on the Brave and Tribute. Dealers from across the country have been seeing the same reaction to the new Brave and Tribute, the company said.

“Winnebago is the only RV company that can do what the big automakers did – bring back a truly distinctive motorhome that everyone knows what it is when they see it, “said Shawn Godard, salesman with Beckley’s Camping Center in Thurmont, Md. “The family that purchased the Brave 26A from us said they plan on keeping it for years to come.  They said that the coach is cool now and it’s still going to be cool in 10 years – and I agree.”

Available in three versatile floorplans, the Brave and Tribute feature swiveling cab seats, a removable pedestal table, Rand McNally GPS with rearview monitor, powered patio awning and comfortable furnishings.

“When you think of RVs, you think of Winnebago,” said Frank Bailor, sales rep with Stoltzfus RVs and Marine, West Chester, Pa.  “This is a great looking product and appeals to a number of different markets – whether someone is looking to downsize or just starting to RV. The Brave and Tribute are easy to maneuver and have the name brand recognition to back it up.”