Aqua-Hot announced that the new Winnebago Horizon is now equipped with its state-of-the-art 400D dual-zone hydronic heating system with continuous hot water.

Running conveniently off AC shore power or fume-free from the RV’s 100-gallon diesel supply, the Aqua-Hot warms without the noise and dry air common with electric or propane units. In addition, 65,600 BTUs of heat is evenly distributed within the coach, from floor to ceiling, with precise temperature control in two living zones for maximum comfort, and one in the basement. The compact unit also provides continuous hot water for bathing, cooking and laundering without the limitations of a tanked system.

“We’ve been doing business with Aqua-Hot for quite a few years,” said Ryan Roske, director of product management for Winnebago Industries. “From the standpoint of its capabilities and heating power, it does a better job than a propane unit. It’s the best system out there to use.” Winnebago’s premier Grand Tour model uses the Aqua-Hot 450D.

For more information visit www.aquahot.com.