The price of Winnebago Industries Inc. stock reached new 52-week highs on a few occasions late in June, and several Winnebago insiders informed the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) at that time that they intended to sell some of their shares, according to the insiderSCORES.com news service.

Bruce Hertzke, chairman, president and CEO, informed the SEC that he planned to sell 10,000 of his Winnebago shares, insiderSCORES.com reports. Hertzke owned 117,617 shares of Winnebago as of last Nov. 13, according to Winnebago’s most recent proxy statement.

Meanwhile, Jim Jaskoviak, vice president of sales and marketing, planned to sell 9,334 of his 25,867 Winnebago shares, according to insiderSCORES.com

Ed Barker, vice president and CFO, planned to sell 26,000 of his 92,200 Winnebago shares and Raymond Beebe, vice president and general counsel, planned to sell 20,000 of his 81,200 Winnebago shares.

Additionally, Ron Buckmeier, the vice president of product development until he retired in late June for health reasons, planned to sell 11,000 of his 26,183 Winnebago shares, and Frederick Zimmerman, an outside director, planned to sell 2,000 of his 14,309 Winnebago shares.