winnebago logoWinnebago Industries Inc. announced a new “Go Green” initiative with the company’s Metro Link bus.

According to a press release, Propane Autogas is becoming the Green Alternative Fuel of choice by hundreds of fleet accounts across North America. Winnebago joined this effort with new Bi-Fuel and dedicated LPG product offerings in their entire Metro Link bus lineup for the public and private transportation industry.

ICOM North America has partnered with Winnebago and its official distributor, “Metro Worldwide,” for installation and distribution of ICOM Bi-Fuel and Mono-fuel Liquid Propane Injection System for installation in the Winnebago Metro Link Bus products for use in the transportation industry. This partnership will allow “alternative LPG fuel work ready equipment” from the factory to the dealers and end users. Metro Worldwide will also offer ICOM LPG conversions for existing bus fleets as well as full line sales, service, installation and warranty services.

A Bi-Fuel LPG Metro Link bus will be on display in the PERC Booth at the upcoming BUSCON Expo in Indianapolis, Sept. 15-17.

Winnebago reported there are many advantages to utilizing Propane Autogas, also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or LP, such as reduced exhaust emissions and fuel cost savings. Propane is a natural gas liquid that is handled at a much lower pressure, 312 PSI maximum as compared to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at 3,600 PSI, in vehicle applications.

Propane Autogas is classified as an alternative fuel by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Propane Autogas can reduce exhaust emissions by 30% to 50% versus gasoline and even more versus diesel fuels.

When purchased as a fleet fuel solution, Propane Autogas also usually offers a 30% to 50% fuel cost savings when compared to gasoline and an even greater benefit when compared to diesel fuel.