Winnebago Industries Inc. today (Dec. 2) unveiled three new motorhome designs, including the industry’s first Class A on a Sprinter chassis.
Displayed at the 46th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., are the new 2010 Winnebago Via, the most fuel efficient Class A motorhome, a full-size Class A hybrid concept RV under the Winnebago Adventurer nameplate and a 32-foot Itasca Sunstar front engine diesel motorhome.
“We are pleased to introduce the most revolutionary product concepts this industry has ever seen,” said Bob Olson, Winnebago Industries chairman, CEO and president.
Winnebago Via – First Class A-based Sprinter
Built on the fuel-efficient 11,030-lb. GVWR Dodge Sprinter chassis with a Mercedes Benz diesel engine, the new Winnebago Via is the first of its kind, and is sure to revolutionize the industry thanks to its fuel economy, according to the company. The Via features an industry-leading fuel efficiency that’s estimated at 15+ miles per gallon.
“The new Via, and its Itasca counterpart, the Reyo, are innovative Class A coaches that combine design, space, efficiency and drivability into one compact 25-foot package. You won’t find another motorhome like it in the market place, and I’m proud to say Winnebago Industries did it first,” Olson said.
The Via showcases the new 25T at Louisville. Despite its compact 25-foot length, the Via offers a front slideout room, a private bathroom area, fully equipped galley and unique sleeping accommodations. In the rear, twin beds offer a flex bed concept that is easily converted into a queen bed for a larger continuous sleeping space. Additional sleeping space is also found up front with the new Studio Loft. This new “spare” bed system neatly tucks into the ceiling of the coach when not in use and conveniently pulls down to create a second bedroom area.
Other highlights include the new Intellisense monitor panel that incorporates a LCD panel readout with touch screen technology, and the new Threshold RV Door. The exclusive Threshold door design is unique in that it has dual latching points and does not break the seal plane for the latch and hinge connection points. This creates a more secure and quieter door. It also features a unique residential style window with built-in screen than eliminates the need for a separate screen door. The Winnebago Via and Itasca Reyo will be available in the market in summer 2009.
Hybrid Concept Adventurer
Winnebago also unveiled a full-size Class A hybrid concept RV with the new 2009 Winnebago Adventurer. The Adventurer hybrid concept vehicle features a Freightliner ecoFRED chassis with Eaton hybrid power system components. This is a full hybrid system in that it utilizes two independent power sources (a diesel engine and an electric motor) that work in conjunction to optimally power the vehicle. The Adventurer Hybrid also is the first hybrid motorhome to feature an Auxiliary Power Generation (APG) unit that senses hybrid battery power levels and automatically engages the coach’s engine to charge the batteries. Because this hybrid system also supplies power to the 120-volt coach system, and on-board generator is not required.
Sunstar – Front Engine Diesel Concept
A new Itasca Sunstar 32K concept vehicle featuring a 20,500 lb. GVWR Workhorse front engine diesel chassis with a MaxxForce 7 V8 diesel engine was also unveiled in Louisville. Built on the new Workhorse W20D front engine diesel chassis specifically designed for this RV application, this coach offers an estimated 10-12 MPG and features 5,000-pound towing capacity, a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 26,000 pounds and sleeping for six. The Itasca Sunstar and Winnebago Vista will be available with this new chassis in summer 2009.