Staff from Winnebago Industries Inc. joined Escapees RV Club for the March 17-22 59th Escapade in Tucson, Ariz.

According to a press release, Winnebago representatives were present throughout the event, hosting several sessions in which RVers could communicate directly with Winnebago team members.

Nick Davis, diesel pusher product planner, led a group of motorized and towable representatives during the “Ask the Manufacturer” session. This was an opportunity for attendees to ask representatives specific questions about Winnebago products as well as more general questions about RV manufacturing. Davis also shared some history of the company, current and future projects, as well as more information about the relationship between Winnebago and Escapees RV Club.

“It was great to hear and see the interaction of the Escapees — we have so much to learn from the end user,” said Jodi Peterson, marketing specialist for Winnebago. “They are the experts on the road.”

Adam Cristofferson, Winnebago towable product manager, noted, “Our purpose is to listen to customers’ wants and needs and take them back to our product development team for review and implementation to improve consumers’ outdoor lifestyle experiences.”

The Q & A session with Winnebago was opened to well over 1,000 owners. After the session, attendees visited with the Winnebago team and scheduled appointments with product planners to give more insight of their RV experience and share improvements they personally made for their lifestyle needs.

On day two, Diesel Pusher Product Planner Jack Decker hosted two more sessions geared to the Class A Diesel owners, asking questions of attendees. “We received a lot of great feedback and the owners are very passionate and proud of their home on wheels,” said Decker.