Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, Winnebago and Bozeman, Wyo.-based RV rental company Blacksford recently announced an operating agreement to provide recreational vehicle rentals at the airport beginning in spring 2019.

Explore Big Sky reported that Blacksford plans to bring a fleet of brand new Winnebago recreational vehicles with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platforms to the Bozeman hub and employ between 15 and 20 staff members, according to a statement. 

“Winnebago is proud to partner with Blacksford on this exciting RV vacation rental program. Winnebago’s Mercedes-based Sprinter products are the No. 1 selling line in North America and lead the industry in quality, innovation and service,” said Brian Hazelton, vice president and general manager of motorhomes at Winnebago.

With an estimated $22 million spent on RVs and campgrounds and $42 million spent on auto rentals in the Yellowstone and southwest regions, according to the Montana Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research, Blacksford is looking to elevate the quality and experience all of visitors to the area.

“We have spent a great deal of time exploring available data as well as ethnographic trends in this space,” Blacksford founder Jonathan Distad said. “The future of this sector is increasingly young adults who value simplicity, transparency and value-driven experiences. Blacksford has all-inclusive pricing that includes everything from unlimited miles, a National Parks pass, donation to Yellowstone Forever, and free Wi-Fi with Verizon Connect.”

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