Winnebago Industries Inc. reports its diesel Class A motorhome shipments increased 80% during its fourth fiscal quarter and 82% during fiscal year 2004, both of which ended on Aug. 28.
However, Winnebago also reported that its gas-engine Class A motorhome and Class C motorhome shipments declined in the fourth quarter and were up by relatively small amounts for the fiscal year.
Winnebago shipped 686 diesel Class A’s to dealers during the June-through-August period, compared with 382 in the same period a year earlier.
During the 12 months ended Aug. 28, Winnebago shipped a total of 2,831 diesel Class A’s to dealers, compared with 1,552 in fiscal 2003.
Winnebago’s gas Class A shipments declined 8% during the three months ended Aug. 28 to 1,289 units, compared with 1,408 a year earlier.
During fiscal 2004, Winnebago shipped 5,277 gas Class A’s, a 2% increase over the 5,153 in fiscal 2003.
Winnebago’s Class C shipments declined 3% during the fourth quarter to 1,113 units, compared with 1,151 last year.
For all of fiscal 2004, Winnebago’s Class C shipments increased 10% to 4,408 units, compared with 4,021 a year earlier.
The most recent available data suggests the Class A retail market cooled off in August, and this was indicated by the fact the total number of Winnebago units on its dealers’ lots increased 26% to 4,978 units as of Aug. 28, compared with 3,945 as of Aug. 30, 2003.
Winnebago’s dealer order backlog was 3% smaller at 2,541 total units as of Aug. 28, compared with 2,632 as of Aug. 30, 2003. The company’s diesel Class A order backlog was essentially flat at 614 units as of Aug. 28, compared with 612 as of Aug. 30, 2003.