Much of his year is spent thinking about motorhomes but at least one day a year, he gets to use his company parking lot for something other than work.

The Forest City Summit reported that Randy Potts, CEO and president of Winnebago Industries Inc., was one of the participants in the July 26 autocross event in Forest City, Iowa. The Minnesota Autosports Club sponsored a two-day event which included instruction and competition on Saturday (July 25) and a larger competition on Sunday. A large Winnebago parking lot was converted to an autocross course.Western Combo

Once a year, Potts drives his Lotus Elise in the autocross event. “For me it’s the thrill of being able to drive as fast as you can safely and legally,” Potts said. “From there it’s like any other sport, challenging yourself to do better with each run or perhaps to do better than other drivers.”

Although Potts is only a limited competitor he still has goals for the day.

“First and most important to me, is to have fun,” Potts said.  “No one gets paid for doing this so if you’re not having fun what’s the point?”

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