Winnebago Industries Inc. shipped basically the same number of units from July through August this year as it did a year-ago, but its dealer order backlog grew significantly in the summer, the company reported today (Oct. 16).
Winnebago’s order backlog, including gas- and diesel-engine Class A motorhomes and Class C motorhomes, amounted to 2,632 units, a 85% increase over its order backlog of 1,419 as of May 31.
As a result of the increase in backlog, Winnebago has scheduled overtime at its production plants.
However, the order backlog of 2,632 units as of Aug. 30 represents a decline of 19% when compared with the “abnormally high” backlog of 3,248 units at the end of August 2002, according to the company.
Winnebago’s order backlog of Class A motorhomes, both gas and diesel, was 1,784 units as of Aug. 30, compared with 2,163 as of Aug. 31, 2002. Its diesel-engine Class A backlog was 612 units as of Aug. 30, versus 445 a year earlier.
The Class C order backlog as of Aug. 30 was 848 units, compared with 1,085 a year earlier.
From June through August this year, Winnebago shipped a total of 1,790 gas- and diesel-engine Class A’s to its dealers, versus 1,783 in the same portion of last year. The company shipped 382 diesel-engine coaches in the three months that ended Aug. 30, compared with 369 a year earlier.
The company also shipped 1,151 Class C’s from June through August, the exact number shipped a year earlier.
For the fiscal year that ended Aug. 30, Winnebago shipped 6,705 gas- and diesel-engine Class A’s, versus 6,725 in fiscal 2002. It shipped 1,552 diesel Class A’s in fiscal 2003, versus 1,667 in fiscal 2002.
The company shipped 4,021 Class C’s in fiscal year 2003, compared with 4,329 in fiscal 2002.