Truma Combi

Truma Combi

The recently introduced Truma Combi furnace and water heater is now part of the amenities package on the Winnebago Touring Coach Travato 59G and 59K, according to a press release.

Designed to be “base camps” for people on the go, the Travato offers outstanding fuel efficiency coupled with the high-class amenities of larger motorhomes in a compact touring vehicle.

Providing additional interior space and functionality, the Truma Combi offers the combination of a forced air furnace with a water heater that reduces space and weight. An efficient heat exchanger along with elements such as tube-in-tube exhaust and intake allows for over 90% efficiency, while the variable speed fan means near silent operation – allowing owners to fully enjoy their camping experience.

The Combi’s quiet operation was a big factor, as Russ Garfin, Winnebago product manager for the Travato noted, “Our goal is to create an environment that optimizes comfort and function. The Truma Combi helps us achieve that with an incredibly quiet performance.”

The tube-in-tube exhaust and air intake also reduces the sidewall penetration and increases the flexibility of installation. Adds Garfin, “with a smaller motorhome you’re dealing with a lot of things to fit in. Having the water heater and furnace combined and the flexibility with the remote intake and exhaust was really key for us.”

The Truma Combi is available in four models: eco, eco plus, comfort, and comfort plus. The eco and comfort models operate on propane and are rated at 14,300 and 20,400 Btu, respectively. The eco plus and comfort plus include an electric option and can operate on either propane or electricity or both. The “plus” models have two 850-watt electrical heating elements at 120 VAC that can heat not only water, but the inside of the vehicle as well. “These models also have smaller LP tanks. That the Combi can save on LP fuel as well as electricity is a nice feature for our customers,” said Garfin.

Winnebago Travato Touring Coach

Winnebago Travato Touring Coach

Helpful functions on the CP plus digital control include a “boost” setting that can heat the RV quickly and also warm up the water quickly for a long-lasting shower while the intelligence in the PCB secures the smooth running and regulation of the heater. There is a timer function as well, which allows the user to preset the furnace and hot water system, ensuring a warm vehicle and hot shower after a day of exploring.

“The Truma Combi is engineered for what RV consumers and OEMs are looking for in the next generation of furnace and water heating options for RVs,” said Gerhard Hundsberger, Truma president and CEO. “It brings a new level of sophistication that complements what next generation RV models, like Winnebago’s Travato, exude. With its exceptionally efficient use of power sources, the Truma Combi is both environmentally friendly and easy on your wallet. At Truma, we believe we’re paving the way for a better RV experience, with some of the most vital RV functions.”

For more information on the Winnebago Travato, visit www.winnebagoind.comFor more information on Truma and the Truma Combi, contact Truma at 855-558-7862 or visit www.truma.net.