Chris Hermon (L), Emily Spicer, Matt Zimmerman

Unlike in years past when the crowd would enthusiastically count down when winners weren’t present, the first name drawn in the Thor Industries Vehicle Drawing on Wednesday (Sept. 25) quickly came forward to claim her prize.

About the only thing that winner Emily Spicer, of Highway Trailer Sales in Salem, Ore., was indecisive about was which of the four vehicles she would choose. But, after consulting with a co-worker, she claimed the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4WD HT Crew Cab ($55,795 MSRP).

“I guess this means I don’t have to drive my rusty old 2006 Honda Civic anymore!” Spicer, still shaking from excitement, told RVBUSINESS.com.

Spicer later said she was torn between the Silverado and the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer RS AWD ($50,765 MSRP). Even though she thought the Blazer would be more practical, she chose the truck because she had been saving up for a new tow vehicle anyway. Other choices in the drawing included a 2019 Chevrolet Stingray Coupe ($58,290) and a brand new SX22 Bennington pontoon boat.

When asked whether she had thought about how she’d be getting the truck back home — 2,261 miles away — Emily asked her boss whether she needed to get on the plane with them the next day. When he said she did not, Emily quickly answered “Hell yeah! I’m driving that home.”